The BATTERY SMACKER is a Battery De-sulfator,
Battery Rejuvenator & Battery Re-charger all in one.

The Battery Smacker is Single phase output, that takes power from a wall wart transformer (AC to DC). 15 volts DC and approx. .10 to .5 amps (1.5 to 7.5 watts of electromagnetic power from the wall socket converted by the transformer to DC current) The few watts of power is only running the microprocessor and mosfet driver and fet. It creates short output pulses. The Battery Smacker has 2 toroids inside, one is the longitudinal inductor toroid (-) and the 2nd one is a RF choke or anti-toroid (+) in which removes the longitudinal energy, so that is does not damage the electronics in which what it is hooked up too. ( for instance, frying the wall wart, or your solar panel controller ) The inductor toroid inside is a mini radiant energy capturer, ( not a typical transformer.) The Battery Smacker is a femtosecond pulse generator cycling between 2 programs. The adjust pot. varies the ratio of time spent on each program. The Battery Smacker circuit will de-sulfate and also charge the battery that it is hooked up to. The Battery Smacker is driven with non-hertzian energy ( also called longitudinal energy) that runs 2 programs from the micro processor. 1) transverse output and a 2) a non-hertzian output. It switches back and forth between the 2 outputs. Designed to charge and de sulfate your batteries. You can adjust these 2 programs to go one side or the other with a potentiometer on the side of he box. It works very well for de sulfating batteries! and also will charge your batteries at night, with no sun. No moving parts! Will last a long time. Two year warranty.


Comes with a two  year warranty and guaranteed to work as advertised or your money back, minus the shipping costs. $240.00


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Battery Smackers can be purchased from the Hydrogen Garage Store.

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Battery Smackers are manufactured at Hydrogen Garage

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