The BATTERY SMACKER is a Battery De-sulfator,
Battery Rejuvenator & Battery Re-charger all in one.

(The only battery de-sulfator that actually works!
BEWARE most battery de-sulfators do not work as advertised!)
This one works and we guarantee it! Only uses 10 watts of power to
charge a car battery over night. Compared to about 120 watts.


Dry Gel Cells & (Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Batteries not so well, needs water to work.
Many AGM batteries hooked up in parallel will more response to the non-hertzian charging.

Non-Hertzian & Electromagnetic Powered!

The added non-hertzian energy is captured to a wound toroid inductor inside.

Will charge a single 12 volt car battery over night with only 7.5 watts of power!

The Bob Boyce™ Battery Smacker is a 6 to 12 volt battery de-sulfator, battery rejuvenator and a battery re-charger all in one. It is the only battery re charger on the market today, that combines "electromagnetic" energy (AC outlet power to Wall wart transformer DC 15v, now included) and Longitudinal / Non-Hertzian energy from the ether (static energy all around us.) You leave the battery smacker hooked up for weeks. It will not over charge your battery, will only go up to 13.5 volts on a 12v battery. Nothing like it on the maret today.

Listen to Bob talk about the BatterySmacker from the Tesla Tech Conf, 7/31/16

Bob Boyce™ the inventor's one hour, 7 minute talk in 2 parts of his 7/28/2017 talk at

TeslaTech.infoPART 1PART 2


The Battery Smacker works on flooded lead-acid batteries. Good for all batteries in cars, trucks, boats, forklifts, heavy equipment and solar panel battery arrays. Keep those expensive deep cycle solar batteries in top shape for years to come, just rotate the charge from 12v battery to battery, week to week. You can NOT over charge the battery by leaving it on too long and it helps charge the batteries night and day! 15v x .25 amps ( approx. 3.75 watts) of power triggers the toroids inside the smacker and charges your batteries with longitudinal energy, night and day. 24/7. No moving parts! except a pulsing DC current, as long as you have a solar controller/voltage regulator hooked up to your solar batteries, your good to go. Lead acid batteries will take a charge from either the wall wart electromagnetic dc power or longitudinal energy ( non-Hertzian energy )

No guarantee on gel batteries as the gel usually hardens when they get old. One customer said it helped recharge his gel batteries. We need to do more tests on the gel cell batteries.

Comes with a two year warranty and guaranteed to work as advertised or your money back, minus the shipping costs. $240.00

Can not short if hooked up backwards. If not thrown on the cement floor, it will last for years to come. We offer repair service incase one of the components goes out.

Battery Smacker Operations manual download .pdf

New 2020 version with led light up ON button and better alligator clips



1) Only takes 2 to 15 watts of AC power to run the Battery Smacker.

2) The Battery Smacker runs 2 programs from a micro processor. It bounces back and forth from transverse (electromagnetic) energy to longitudinal energy. Bob Boyce™ a DOD scientist has been working with longitudinal energy for a long time. Thousands of hours of research under his belt. Start off in the de-sulfator mode, a knob on the side lets you decide between 2 modes, Start off in the de-sulfator mode, during this process the sulfate crystals are broken down and dissolved and dropped to the bottom of the battery and re combined back to sulfuric acid, liquid state. 2) After a few days or week of de-sulfate mode , you can turn the dial towards "charge" mode. During "charge" mode the sulfates crystals are broken up and dropped to the bottom of the battery and plated back onto the plates. The sulfate crystals go back to liquid sulfuric acid. The pH goes back to original sulfuric acidic pH! It takes the combo of both electromagnetic/transverse energy and the static longitudinal energy to fix your battery and bring it back to new status. You select either "re-charge" mode or "de-sulfate" mode or a combo of the 2 programs that bounces back in forth from the micro processor chip inside the box. You have a potentiometer to dial in the mode on the side of the unit,

3) You can not harm or cook a battery if left on too many days. You can leave hooked up for days or weeks to re-condition all dead batteries.

4) No other battery charger it like it. It does get warm, but does not cook and burn out like alot of battery re chargers do. Most Battery re-chargers draw 200watts to 1000 watts of power. The Battery Smacker only draws 2 to 15 watts, just enough to trigger the mosfet pulse and run the micro processor chip.

5) The Battery Smacker is a slow trickle charge battery saver, NOT a fast re-charger. It is to extend the life of any lead acid battery.

Click on the above photo to see the whole OFF GRID solar set up. 11/2016

We do NOT want to offend electrical engineers, but most EE's are not taught about longitudinal energy. Many EE's (electrical engineers) make fun of this technology, as ignorance rules in the pride of man. It is hard to meter and are told it does not exist. NOT taught in Universities or colleges. Tesla spoke about it alot. He had 3 patents on "radiant energy devices" Similar technology. Bob was hired to learn all about it, a DOD scientist. The Battery Smacker is a femtosecond pulse generator cycling between 2 programs. The adjust pot. varies the ratio of time spent on each program. The non-hertzian program draws less power than the hertzian, pretty much the only way to tell without a special meter to detect the emission types. Hook up a voltmeter to the battery that you have the smacker hooked up to. View the volts or DC amps. Toroid technology is what captures the free static energy that is all around us. The toroids are wrapped with super conductive silver mil spec. wire that follow the coriolis effect. The positive + iron core toroid is a rf choke and the negative - iron core toroid is the inductor that captures the dark negative energy, that comes from the black hole in every galaxy. Sounds humorous to the EE's? Laughing is good for the soul, but ignorance comes out of the mouth of the fool. We get alot of flack, for the electric engineers who were not taught longitudinal energy. Bob learned it from his contracts working with the DOD, a science lab major, quantum physicist, chemist and he learned EE on his own. Moray King a free energy lecturer professor, says Bob is on another level above everyone else.

A peek inside the Battery Smacker and MORE INFO.

It will also work with 24 volt and 36 volt batteries, but you would need 2 of them for 24v and 3 battery smackers for 36v batteries, just hook up in series. We can show you how. Now comes with a 15v, 1 amp wall wart transformer, choose either USA 110vAC or EURO 220vAC socket plug in.

Comes with a USA 110vAC wall wart transformer or a 220vAC EURO adapter, specify when ordering.

Restore those expensive solar batteries. The Battery Smacker will take down the lead sulfate webbing and then re-plate back onto the plates, like new. Also it turns your electrolyte back to an acidic pH!  No other re charger will change the pH of the your electrolyte! Rejuvenating your battery to extend battery life by double to even triple the life! Comes fully assembled and tested or a U-solder/U-wind the toroid kit.

How does it work? It takes 12v+ to 15v DC power IN and OUT to the battery posts. It pulses a square wave pulse with tall narrow spikes that attract longitudinal energy into 2 iron core toroids, one negative inductor toroid and one positive choke that stops the pulsing. The pulse goes super fast with super conductive silver wire on the windings, that attract the longitudinal energy ( static energy) that is all around us. The negative inductor toroid inside the box, is a Tesla mini-radiant energy device.

Bob Boyce™ has kept his solar rack of batteries going full charge way past the manf. specs. ( 5 years+, going on 10 years+) Bob has used his battery smacker for 20 years now. Well tested for many years!

De sulfate your dead batteries, don't buy a new one. Try smacking it first! Hook up this simple device for 12 to 24 hours and you will be surprised how a battery will come back to life, slowly one volt at a time. Great for maintaining a rack of expensive solar batteries. Works on 6 volt, 12 volt, 24 volt and 36 volt batteries. Stubborn, older batteries may need 3 days or a week of hook up and pulsing. Some leave on for a month at a time, due to the mill amps (250 ma) and low volts to do it's work.

The only battery de-sulfator that uses the pulsing of the electro magnetic field plus the addition of non-hertzian energy. De sulfating potential can be up to 100 volts DC! Using but only 200ma of power!  Batteries can absorb both energy sources. Does not heat up, will last for years to come. NOT like other battery de-sulfators that heat up and get damaged over time and bounces back and forth from 12v to 50 volts causing heat and breakdown of the circuit.

Your power source must be higher voltage than your output battery. ( subject battery that is being smacked.) 12 volts to 16 volts. Works with some dry gel cells. (Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Batteries not so well, needs water to work. Many AGM batteries hooked up in parallel will more response to the non-hertzain well as lead acid batteries!

Bendini has the "Battery Spanker", so we decided to call it the "Battery Smacker." Also to honor "smack" a former H2O forum poster. The BB Battery Smacker harbors 2 toroid coils, one positive choke and one negative inductor. A Bob Boyce™ invention.

The Battery Smacker Will NOT rebuild a damaged battery, that has damaged cell plates.
Swelled batteries, burnt plates, bent plates, dropped batteries or eroded plates will not work. Old batteries that were sitting around for years, may be raised up from the dead! No joke! They can be rejuvenated! Some work, some DO NOT, depends on the plate damage, warped or dissolved plates.
Take off the caps and look down into the battery cells with a flashlight to view the crystals and hairs/webbing on the plates. If you see bent plates, or eroded plates, you may have a damaged battery.

The lead sulfate will go back to acid, it will rejuvenate your electrolyte! This is un-heard of with other store bought battery rechargers! Batteries will absorb electromagnetic and non-hertizian energy. Batteries like both energy fields. No other de-suflator will rejuvenate your batteries electrolyte back to acid! The longitudinal pulsing does this job. Un heard of. Most do not study Tesla technology, taken out of the text books in the late 40's.

Please note the Battery Smacker is hand made in the USA, the toroids have to be hand wound and take several hours to wind. The mil spec. silver coated copper wire is expensive. 35' of wire is used in each De-sulfator.

Testimony : I left my 24 volt battery system hooked up to the battery smacker. It has revived all the batteries over time to over 26.3volts across 12 L16 type batteries. That's pretty good since I paid only $200 for all 12 old batteries. Usually they go for $300-$400 each! (11/2020)

Download the Battery Smacker Instructions ( 8/2016)

INTRODUCTORY PRICE $240 ( U-assemble kit $140) 8/12/16

A peek inside the Battery Smacker and MORE INFO.

Listen to Bob talk about the BatterySmacker from the Tesla Tech Conf, 7/31/16

For those wishing to help us sell and get out this non-hertzian technology, we have an excellent affiliate program. SImply place a Battery Smacker Ad on your web site or social media and generate income for each sale of each Battery Smacker sold! Inquire within.

Battery Smackers can be purchased from the Hydrogen Garage Store.

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